The carbon neutral Swurve chair brings comfort and elegance to meeting rooms of all sizes. The sculptured form is inspired by forms found in nature with dramatic curves and flowing lines. With its integrated ergonomics, clean lines and verified sustainability accomplishments Swurve delivers the perfect trifecta of design credentials in a beautiful selection of meshes and upholstery.

Here’s exactly how we did it:

We selected materials with low carbon features.
20% recycled aluminum, 80% recycled steel, 60% recycled nylon components
Aluminum in the base was reduced by 25%, saving 10lbs of CO2
There is zero waste in the design and manufacturing of Swurve’s mesh back

The materials were efficiently transported to reduce emissions.

Our facilities and equipment are energy-efficient. Renewable Energy Certificates cover 100% of our electricity.

We made sure the chair was extremely durable for long-term use (10-year warranty), used repairable and replaceable components to further extend its life (and avoid landfills), and made sure it could be easily recycled at the end of it.

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