NESTYis3 N1020 Folding table, rectangular
Dim: 2000x1000x740 mm (L x W x H)

AdapTable: NESTYis3.

Communication, reativity and co-operation are key to innovation in intensively knowledge-based, collaborative companies. Only businesses that understand how to stimulate interaction between their staff, and also how to structure their organisation, will be successful in the long run.

The portable and flexible folding table system NESTYis3 has been created for the precise purpose of giving the best possible structure to work processes that promote innovation. Whether staff are coming together on a temporary basis or over longer periods, whether they are meeting in a workshop or a training session, holding discussions, presentations, conferences or planning sessions in the project room or in a classic conference area... the multi-functional folding table system NESTYis3 always rises to the occasion, meeting every challenge.

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