Eivissa pavilions are units for outdoor living designed to create spaces sheltered from the sun, wind and rain, whose architecture of a contemporary, functional feel will blend in with a natural setting.

A design that results in open-air rooms in which to enjoy the outdoors in total comfort. With a solid aluminium frame, each pavilion can be customised through a choice of colours, roof coverings, flooring, and accessories to line the perimeter: sliding glass panels, aluminium and teak walls, soft curtains, hand-weaving and fringes with a contemporary feel.

The Eivissa collection offers a unique way to enjoy outdoor living.

Ludovica + Roberto Palomba

Ludovica + Roberto Palomba, the golden couple of Italian design, for over 25 years have been designing products that escape the trends. First of all, they have a philosophical approach: the search for essence in every project, closer to the concept of balance of oriental heritage rather than to the nordic style, the goal of their work is not only an aesthetic result but the well-being. A bold design, without inconsistencies, equidistant from the excess in the decoration and radical minimalism, the result of a selection of values and themes rather than a downsizing project.

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